my story

I am an Oklahoma based songwriter working with Banner Music as a Staff Songwriter on music row in Nashville. That's a big part of what makes me unique.  I found a way to be successful as a songwriter without moving to Nashville. But I'm more than just a songwriter, I am also a teacher and mentor to others just learning the craft. I help people in various stages of songwriting including those that have written for years teaching them to give voice to what they’re trying to achieve or break bad habits. This mentoring led me to create my own Songsmithing program. Check out my Services to see if I can help you.

When working with artists I strive to give them exactly what they need for that day whether it’s an up-tempo powerhouse song, a heart felt ballad or a listening ear. I approach music with my arms wide open ready to tackle any style or goal. When asked what I  writes I say, “Whatever YOU need, but with this Oklahoma accent it’s probably gonna sound country even if it’s Rap!”  And yes, there is some country style Rap, Southern Rock, Bluegrass and Christian songs in my catalog.

Proud of my roots I think Oklahoma Music is about grit and determination to make a song the best it can be. My co-writer Jimbo Martin and I created Nashville to Tulsa, a way to ‘pay it forward’ to the artists we write with and believe in. It is designed to give Nashville artists places to play in Tulsa and build a fan base. The artists come to town on a regular basis to play local venues, network and provide entertainment at benefits.  

My favorite quote is “Music is what emotion sounds like!” because my life has always had a soundtrack!

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