​​​​​​​​Knowing what to do with your music once you've written a song is often the most frustrating part of songwriting. You have questions: Is the song good? Would someone record it if they heard it? Can I make it better? I can help you.

I offer several services to help songwriters progress and develop their skills. 


Basic Critique- $35.00
The Basic Critique is where you send a work tape of one original song (recorded on your phone or other device is fine) along with a lyric sheet and receive a written analysis of your song. The analysis will include the song's strengths, weakness and whether it's ready to pitch or needs a re-write. Critiques will be returned within 7 business days.

Advanced Critique- $50.00

The Advanced Critique includes the above Basic Critique services in addition to suggestions on how to make the song stronger. Example- if your opening line of the song doesn't capture the listeners interest I might give you a picture that is suggested by the rest of the song to open with.

​Personal Lessons:
Basic Lessons- $75.00 per hour

​Personal Lessons are available upon request after 3 paid Critiques are completed in order to establish skill set. Lessons can be in person, online or via phone. In person lessons outside the Tulsa metro area will incur additional mileage expense.  

Personal Lessons Include: 

An assessment of where you are in your writing, what you need to focus on to improve, suggestions of changes to current songs you are working on. You also receive tips on where to look for ideas and hooks, how to re-write and update your melodies and become more current sounding. 

Monthly Mentoring is also available. Contact me for pricing. 

Songsmithing price per average is $250.00 per song

Songsmithing is a service where I rewrite your song with you to work out any problems and get it to the best level possible.

NOT ALL SONGS ARE SONGSMITH READY!  If your songs has very little potential I would not recommend this service. If the song is for a personal goal (anniversary present or wedding) the price will vary. Songsmithing is not an the same in every situation so ask for a quote and I will be honest and reasonable in my pricing.

Co-write with a Pro! 
Co-writes start at $500.00 per song

This is another service not available to everyone. If you are new to writing or don't have the basics down this service is a waste of time for you. You would be paying me to write a song for you. That service is listed below. But if you are almost ready for that trip to Nashville or LA to set up co-writes with other people in your performing rights organization this would be perfect for you. Again one of the other service such as critiques are recommended first. Let me evaluate your skill level before you pay for this service. 

WRITE MY SONG FOR ME - Call for a quote.
This service is provided as a Work For Hire. You send me the idea of what you want or need and any unique requirements such as a name in it, and I quote you a price to build and record you a song. THIS is not an inexpensive service because I am giving up ownership to my craft but in some instances it is perfect. Example: you need to tell Angie she is the ONLY woman in the world. I can do that! 

Songsmithing Services Advanced Critique $50.00 USD Personal Lesson (2 hrs) $150.00 USD