• He's Still G.I. Joe Original4:59

  • STILL GI JOE Songsmith Version3:40

  • LITTLE LOST STAR Songsmith Version4:05


what is Songsmithing?

Example 1:

In this first example “Twinkle Little Star” was about a family that
lost a child to senseless tragedy. Miranda wanted to give
something to them that represented the emotional impact the
child left behind. The title changed and became “Little Lost
Star”. The singer on this track is Jay Speight. The original lyrics
were written by Miranda Mcguire.

Example 2:

The next song is called “Still GI Joe”, written by Jerry Emmanuel.
Jerry has a daughter in the military and wanted to pay homage to
she was participating in a tribute to MIA/ POW’s. This song
touched me and I offered to help jazz up the melody and work out
the rough spots. Of course that meant the words changed as well.
The song was played at a ceremony honoring our country’s heroes.

  • Little Lost Star Original Version2:39

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A Songsmith is like a Blacksmith except the material and the tools are different. A blacksmith takes metal and heats it up and beats into shape until the metal is useable in whatever form is needed. A Songsmith takes the lyrics and melody and the purpose for the song and focuses on the components to change it for the writer wants.

The purpose of a song is not always to become a radio hit or movie tract. Often a song can be used to help someone overcome a loss or to pay tribute to a loved one.