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I am an Oklahoma-based songwriter working with Banner Music on music row in Nashville. More than just a songwriter, I'm also a teacher and mentor to others just learning the craft. Click here to view services. 

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Alice Lankford

“Alice Lankford is one of the most productive songwriters you will ever meet. She is quick to capture the direction a song should take and build on the story line.  While a song is in a resting phase, she continues to analyze the song to see where it should be tweaked or improved. 

She is superb at keeping her calendar full of co-writing sessions and is instrumental in putting together winning co-writing teams, while she commutes between Tulsa, OK and Nashville!!  Can a music publisher ask for anything more? 

We are proud that Alice is part of our team!”

"Music is what emotion sounds like!"

  • One, One Thousand Written by Alice Lankford, Kris Hitchock, Jimbo Martin3:10
  • Whiskey Whispers Written by Alice Lankford, Luke Caccetta, Jimbo Martin3:27
  • Heaven Couldn't Wait Written by Alice Lankford, Jimbo Martin3:50
  • X-Ray Written by Alice Lankford, Jimbo Martin, Dominique Ruiz3:50

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