About Alice

"Music is what Emotion Sounds Like!" I believe that! Music is like oxygen! We need it to survive!


I am seriously over the top about music... I have a daughter named Melody, a cat

named Lyric and all of my dogs for years have been named after singers.  I lost

Dolly a year or two ago, but still have Patsy, Ella, Bocephus and Bobbi (after

Bobbi Jo Gentry cause Son of Preacher Man changed my life!)  I've had dogs named Hank and Willie...


As an Oklahoma songwriter staff-writing for Banner Music in Nashville, TN, I feel very blessed!  It's great to be associated with such a fabulous group of people!


The Art of building a song

All of the songs you hear are demos performed by other people, and several are co-written with some other great writers.



For more of my songs or to license anything you hear here contact Camilla @ Banner Music 931-680-1932.



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